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At AFBC we have started conducting “material surveys” at the local thrifts in Cincinnati. The curriculum being developed at AFBC is an investigation into what we can make out of clothing waste.

Research Merch: Material Survey #1
Is this button up stripe a familiar representation of professionalism? Men’s professional dress takes up a significant amount of room at the thrift store. Is professional clothing considered more valuable than other used items? We have identified this button up shirt as one of the core materials that will be analyzed and deconstructed at AFBC this summer. How can we reimagine the traditional uniform of professionalism. This shirt has been decked out with a foil of “Philosophy Daddy Socrates” as well as our camp logo.
Button up shrits are 30$ and can be purchased via Venmo transfer.
Please email AFBC for requests. 

Research Merch: Material Survey #2
What is the significance of patriotism and fashion? How is the message of patriotism deformed by its over saturation in the clothing industry? Take a stroll down the t-shirt aisle at a thrift store and you will find an inordinate amount of America themed t-shirts. We noticed this phenomenon when sourcing t-shirts for one of our core materials for the camp. We started to wonder what the symbology of discarded patriotism represented in our culture and how that symbology could be combined with the messaging of our camp. These shirts are broken into groups of five. The first set of five has been outfitted with the Aristotle quote about teaching. The second set of five has been outfitted with a  graphic of our camps name overpowering the content of the shirt.
T shrits are 20$ and can be purchased via Venmo transfer.
Please email AFBC for requests.

Research Merch: Material Survey #3
Who is N. Girard? It’s always strange finding used clothing that has personal additions such as names or initials. Who did this belong to first? Did they care for this item? These two identical orange sweatshirts were discovered next to each other at the local thrift. Thinking backwards, why did someone buy two of the same exact sweatshirt and why were they both donated together? When in a product’s lifecycle does it become useless to its owner? How can it be reimagined? These two sweatshirts have our camp logo in chrome on the front and the Aristotle quote on the beck neck.

To Purchase Research Merch Email AFBC 

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This project has been made possible through the People's Liberty Globe Grant.