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About us.

Anti Fashion Boot Camp is a democratic education sanctuary dedicated to cultivating access to “fashion ecology”* and “cessability”* for high schoolers in  Cincinnati. 

* See below for definitions

The Premises of AFBC


Our Views On Education:
AFBC believes that the radical expression of freedom and justice is facilitated by education. Fundamental pedagogical pillars of this space include; open source curriculum, skill based learning, learning from failure and the cultivation of reflective practice as a tool for empowerment. Education is intrinsically political. We politically position ourselves against the dominant power structures of racism, classism and sexism often found in traditional education environments.

Our Views On Fashion:
AFBC envisions that what is most needed now are “Fashion Ecologists” who understand the language and scope of this industry and it’s problems, not fashion designers who continue to pollute the industry with new commodities. A “Fashion Ecologist” will be equipped with the reflective skills to begin to analyze the accelerated pace of the industry, as well as the tendency towards the regurgitation of ideas. 

Our Views On Sustainability:
AFBC is committed to the ugrent need for fashion education to re-examine its relationship to the study of sustainability. We need to develop a new language to describe the crisis of overproduction and acceleration we are dealing with in the fashion industry today, a new language that at its root does not imply the “sustaining” of our current reality. AFBC proposes a practice of “cessabilty”, to halt or stop the use of new raw material to produce new commodities. “Cessabiliy” asks us to reflect on clothing waste and develop strategies to redefine what “newness” can be. 


Our Views On Education In Practice:
AFBC defines “student” as any person with the desire to expand their view of the world. Ranging from local high schoolers to residents of Camp Washington to the natives of Cincinnati, the space will be utilized by the community to share and grow their understanding of fashion in the form of workshops, lectures and dance parties. Students participating in the Bootcamp will work alongside the instructors to define individual roles, rules and organization structures within the education experience. Time and space will be carved out of each Bootcamp session to facilitate active reflection on the learning of the day. 

Our Views On Fashion In Practice:
AFBC aspires to constistute the role of the “Fashion Ecologist” as the leaders for change in the fashion industry. A “Fashion Ecologist” will be trained in the art of reflection. This means allowing time and flexibility for the practitioner to understand the pace at which they produce an idea, fast or slow.  Facilitating research missions that seek out the history and cultural influences behind an idea to further growth not regurgitation or appropriation. These methods will culminate into a personal encyclopedia of learning from which to reference in the future. 

Our Views On Sustainability In Practice:
AFBC seeks to develop an approachable strategy for the individual to reimagine their clothing waste. The curriculum at AFBC is focused on methods of repairing, regenerating and remaking  already existing items of clothing. Never will a item be made from scratch. Designing backwards, the “Fashion Ecologist” will analyze and identify why an item is no longer considered new and how newness can be reinvigorated not with the materiality of the item but the idea of the item evolving. 


AFBC recognizes that in an ideal world a space like this would not be necessary. We believe the principles laid out in our Premises statement should be intrinsic in all education and fashion based initiatives. We hope that through this experiment the individuals that participate will acquire a platform from which they can express their individuality and freedom. 

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This project has been made possible through the People's Liberty Globe Grant.